Texas Hot Boats is a place for "Boating Enthusiasts" to discuss information about upcoming events, and to review past events in the greater Texas areas. To share their greatest moments at these events through our Texas Hot Boats forums, and our member galleries. Ok, you ask, what is a "Hot Boat"? The definition of a hot boat is any boat that turns your head more than once to take a look at. It can be a boat that is a Jet Boat, V-Drive, a Hydro, Outboard, Inboard, Full Blown Racing Boat, Old Classic to a brand new shiny boat from the showroom floor, Good Looking Bass Boat, Extreme Pontoon Boat, to a Small 10' boat to a 30' CAT Tunnel. A Hot Boat can have a Big Block Shiny Motor, Graphics and paint Schemes. It can have that "Load Roar" as it comes down the lake. Or it could be all of the above!

McQueeney Bikini Company and Texas Hot Boats